"Gentle Giants"

Meet these six magnificent Percherons at the Horse-Drawn Carriage Company.

Downtown Anchorage 1 Hour Ride


A unique experience with a truly Alaskan flavor.

Downtown Anchorage 1 Hour Ride

and Unforgettable

Give your wedding a special romantic touch with our Cinderella carriage

Downtown Anchorage 1 Hour Ride

Stealing the Show
Anywhere they Go

The impressive Percherons of the Hose Drawn Carriage Company are a beautiful sight and ligthen up any parade.

Downtown Anchorage 1 Hour Ride

Anchorage Carriage Rides

Explore downtown Anchorage by carriage – carriages operate year round in front of the Hotel Captain Cook (939 W Fifth Ave.) and Glacier BrewHouse (737 W Fifth Ave.) from 7:00 until 10:30 on Friday and Saturday nights, weather permitting.  During summer, carriages operate daily… read more

Formal Rides & Romantic Evenings

For a more formal experience, carriage rides are regularly scheduled in downtown Anchorage. The company has five carriages, one antique 1893 Falling Front Brougham, two white Vis a Vis carriages, white twelve passenger limo carriage and a white Cinderella carriage… read more

Birchwood Countryside

Travel through the Birchwood countryside. The company has a sleigh which can seat 2 to 4 adults and two bob sleds that seat from 12 to 20 adults. Wagon rides are also available with seating for 20 to 30 people… read more


Horse Drawn Carriage Co.
P.O. Box 671316
Chugiak, Alaska 99567
P: (907) 688-6005
F: (907) 688-1218

Gift a Ride!

For over 20 years the Horse Drawn Carriage Company has offered this special Gift Certificate, providing for all who purchased it a unique gift to offer from the heart… with a value which was always hard to express, and never disappointing!


The Horse-Drawn Carriage Company offers a unique experience with a truly Alaskan flavor. In recognition the company received a Beautification Award for Anchorage plus a Heart of the City Award for cultural/ arts/ recreational events.


The Carriage Wheel Ranch, the home of the Gentle Giants, is next to a rushing glacier stream called Peters Creek, just off North Birchwood Loop in Chugiak.

Carriage Wheel Ranch

Take a peek at what's happening at the ranch with our webcam!